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Founded in 2014, by designers Leonard, OrionStudio is a global brand and design agency with offices in the creative hubs of London and San Francisco. Using effective strategies and innovative creative thinking we engage audiences, encourage relevant conversation, influence behaviour, and achieve brand objectives.

I opened the agency after spotting a split in the creative industry. Studios were either boutique and beautiful, but only managing to work on a few projects or of a massive scale and impersonal with their client relationships. DesignStudio was created with the aim to fill this gap – delivering the quality of boutique, bespoke design to global brands and audiences.

Technology and innovation in this age travels at warp speed. What you do in the digital domain dictates whether you come across as a trendsetter, a follower or – worse – a wannabe. Blink for more than a second and you don’t just miss a scene, you miss a trend. You miss a picture of where the market is headed. And in this fast-frame world, lasting and impactful experiences are what leave an imprint on a consumer’s vision of your brand.
Since our founding in 2007, we are proud to say we have not blinked once absorbing each new technology, each new trend, and each new revolution and, in fact, creating some of them. Most importantly, we have FUN. We live to innovate and to explore, to question and to experiment. We exist to make the fruits of our labors as FRESH as they can be!

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